A detained immigrant’s 2 battles: suing ICE while fighting deportation

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A detained immigrant is suing ICE for, he says, violating his civil rights during an arrest. But the legal barriers for faulting ICE agents are steep.

Why this DACA recipient refuses to be called a ‘Dreamer’

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Maria Torres wants protections for the immigrants who, she says, are unfairly excluded from the “Dreamer narrative,” like her parents and her brother.

A comic book helps immigrant kids talk about fears of deportation

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“Rosita Gets Scared” is a fictional story about an undocumented schoolgirl who learns to overcome her fears of deportation.

For Rohingya refugees, the US feels like being born again

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These persecuted Rohingya refugees are experiencing true freedom for the first time in their lives. Here’s how they’re using it.

Thousands march in Chicago in opposition to DACA decision

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Thousands marched in protest in Chicago after President Donald Trump formally rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Why some Chinese immigrants choose to assimilate

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Some Chinese immigrants are striving to become American citizens within Chicago’s self-contained Chinatown.