Interrupting Chicago’s gun violence

  • Co-produced, filmed & edited

We shadowed CeaseFire Illinois’ “violence interrupters” as they try to prevent Chicago gun violence in one of the deadliest years in decades.

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Elmina Castle shows horrors of slave trade

  • Co-produced, filmed & edited

The horror stories from inside this Ghanaian slave castle easily rival the cruelty of the Middle Passage and life on an American plantation.

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Why some Chinese immigrants choose to assimilate

  • Written, filmed & edited

Some Chinese immigrants are striving to become American citizens within Chicago’s self-contained Chinatown.

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These interfaith musicians play beyond barriers

  • Written, filmed & edited

Through their musical collaboration, The Salaam-Shalom Music Project encourages listeners to cross cultural divides.

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How immigrants created the Chicago-style hot dog

  • Written, filmed & edited

In this episode of “Americanize Me,” we’re in the Windy City to learn more about the immigrant history behind the Chicago-style hot dog.

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Reel of my work before Newsy (2012-2016)

    All the reel’s footage was filmed & edited by Ben Schamisso. Music rights acquired for the video.